Photography Services

Our creative photography service offers a dynamic range of visual solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Whether it’s capturing the essence of business lifestyle, showcasing commercial spaces, highlighting industrial processes, presenting retail environments, or bringing commissioned projects to life, we excel in producing captivating imagery that tells compelling stories.

At the heart of our service is a commitment to storytelling through imagery. We combine technical expertise, creative vision, and an understanding of your brand to produce photographs that resonate with your target audience, whether it’s potential clients, partners, or the general public.

Business Lifestyle Photography

Business Lifestyle Photography:

For business lifestyle photography, we focus on portraying the vibrant essence of workplace culture, employee interactions, and the overall atmosphere. Our images showcase the human side of your business, making it relatable and appealing to both clients and potential employees.. See some examples below.

Head shot | personal brand photography

Personal Brand Photography:

We are dedicated to crafting a visual narrative that authentically represents individuals and their unique brands. Through a collaborative process, we capture the essence of personalities, passions, and professional aspirations, translating them into striking images that resonate with audiences. Whether for entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, professionals, or business teams, our photography goes beyond the surface, conveying stories that forge powerful connections and elevate personal brands to new heights.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography:

Includes images captured to sell or promote your products, service, or idea. Your advertising, marketing, and promotional activities all fall into this category of our work. For example, these are your social media ad campaigns, product lines, and the scenes that represent you and your business. Many of these images will find a home on your website and printed marketing. See some examples below.

event photography

Event Photography:

We encapsulate the energy, emotions, and essence of your special occasions. With an attentive eye for detail and a knack for capturing candid moments, we document events in a way that tells a vibrant and engaging story. From corporate gatherings and fundraisers to cultural celebrations and concert performances, our skilled photographers blend seamlessly into the event, ensuring that memories are captured. The result is a collection of images that not only freeze moments in time but also evoke the spirit and atmosphere of the event, allowing you to relive those cherished moments for years to come.

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography:

When it comes to industrial photography, we have the expertise to portray intricate processes, machinery, and facilities. Our images emphasize the scale and technical prowess of your operations, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world that keeps industries running.

Commissioned Photography

Commissioned Photography:

Our commissioned photography service is tailored to bring your specific creative visions to reality. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their objectives, ensuring that the final images align perfectly with their ideas and goals. This is a great opportunity for businesses to personalize workspace environments with creative imagery.

Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography:

Editorial photography is a specialized genre of photography that focuses on capturing images to accompany and enhance editorial content in magazines, newspapers, websites, and other publications. It typically involves documenting real-life events, people, or places in a storytelling manner, often with a documentary or journalistic approach. Big Idea Creative excels in telling compelling visual narratives that effectively convey the essence of a subject or story. We have a keen eye for detail, composition, and timing, enabling us to produce visually striking images that not only complement editorial content but also engage and resonate with the audience, making your business a valuable asset for publications seeking high-quality visual storytelling.

” The candid backstage shots and shots from the audience while performing on stage at the historic Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, were incredible.”

Paul Metsa, Musician/Song Writer

“Davin is an extremely talented photographer and a wonderful member of our Saint Paul community. His creativity, artistic sensibilities, and enthusiasm are inspiring!”

~ T. Axtell, Chief of Police – St. Paul Police Department

“The Twin Cities is home to many amazing photographers and Davin Brandt is hands down one of the best around. He has an impeccable eye and amazing skill for capturing captivating moments that tell stories and make you long to learn more about his subjects. He’s also one of the nicest people you could meet. A lover of music, art and people. Highly recommended”

~ N. Leet, Musician, Podcaster

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