“He has an impeccable eye and amazing skill for capturing captivating moments that tell stories and make you long to learn more about his subjects.”

We are visual storytellers through photography and design. Our photographic services fit primarily into three categories. First, are the commercial and industrial areas. Much of our client marketing images are captured under this silo. Secondly, is our retail photography. A fun category covering areas such as company events, headshots, and assignment photography. Thirdly is our editorial photography, getting us out of our comfort zone, and taking on some really exciting opportunities. Regarless of service, we take pride in capturing “the shot” for our clients.
Commercial Photography

Commercial and Industrial Photography:

Includes images captured to sell or promote your products, service, or idea. Your advertising, marketing, and promotional activities all fall into this category of our work. For example, these are your social media ad campaigns, product lines, and the scenes that represent you and your business. Many of these images will find a home on your website and printed marketing. See some examples below.

Vision, art, master of light, and imagination. He’s that good. 

B. Tipping, Attorney – Larson King, LLP

event photography

Retail Photography:

A broad grouping, but generally covers commissioned photography or photos captured for you and your company’s own use. For example, photo documentation of your corporate event, capturing an organization’s fundraiser, and headshots of your employees or maybe just you.  Another example, and likely our favorite, are the illuminating commissioned photographs that decorate your office wall space. In conclusion, this category is terrific at visual storytelling.

The candid backstage shots and shots from the audience while performing on stage at the Historic Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, were incredible.

Paul Metsa, Musician/Song Writer

Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography:

An area primarily covering journalistic or educational purposes.  In other words, capturing images typically featuring people and things not intended for commercial use.  For instance, you will see this work used in newspapers, magazines (print and online), as well as textbooks and educational material, and even blogs. Above all, these images can be packed with emotion and full of storytelling qualities. I skillset we are proud of.

Davin is an extremely talented photographer and a wonderful member of our Saint Paul community. His creativity, artistic sensibilities, and enthusiasm are inspiring!

T. Axtell, Chief of Police – Saint Paul Police Department

Let’s tell your visual story.

Big Idea Creative