Big Idea’s Story

D Brandt

Hi, I’m Davin, a creative and engaging photographer, and graphic designer. I enjoy meeting new entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organization directors who strive for success. Furthermore, I am a certified clinical photographer, and the owner of Big Idea Creative, LLC. We are a collaboration of creative minds based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Our focus is centered on commercial (business), retail, industrial, and editorial photography in addition to graphic design and print services. Merge these together and the results can be pretty fantastic.

Take a look at our work, I think it speaks to Big Idea’s passion.  You will find our work is creative, engaging, inspirational, impactful, and always honest.  I am comfortable behind my cameras, whether shooting a corporate headshot, a black-tie event, or sweaty concerts.  On the other hand, I am equally comfortable behind a computer working with my team on creative logos, designs, or brand marketing projects. Kindness, respect, and humor are with the Big Idea team every day.

His candid backstage shots, and shots from the audience while I was on stage at the historic Fitzgerald Theatre, were incredible.” Paul Metsa, Musician

A little more story…

Early on

The Big Idea team has a foundation deeply rooted in design, graphics, and signs, over 30 years in fact. Over the years, much of the artistic talent that went into creative thinking and project applications have adjusted to new technologies and product advances. The digital age has transformed much of the design and print industries. For us, we started off with drafting tables, films, inks, and cut vinyl graphics. Today there seems to be software are batteries behind everything.


Today we are still applying our creative design talents, but with a keen photographic edge. For example, much of our work involves some sort of photography, and in most of those cases, personalized photography. Photographing your work environment, products, staff, and events are great for business. Firstly, using personalized images for your website, social media marketing, and print collateral helps you to stay original, honest, and true to your mission. Secondly, saying no to stock photography and clip art logos keeps you authentic. As a result, we help illuminate your story, with original photos, original designs, and contemporary print that reflect you. The real you.

Big Idea team in action…

The creativity, artistic sensibilities, and enthusiasm are inspiring!

T. Axtell, Police Chief, St. Paul Police Department
Big Idea Creative