Graphic Design

Our graphic design services are geared toward businesses and organizations looking to illuminate their brand, product, or service. For example, this might be a bright new logo, fresh product branding, or dynamic ads for social media. Historically most of our graphic design work ends up in some form of a printed product. Nowadays, we see a growing trend toward digital products to keep a company’s online story relevant.

Logo Design

Creating distinctive branding by blending identifiable graphics and typography that will illuminate and represent your company and/or products. From company logos to initiative and program branding, we have you covered.

Design for Print

Print design is a pretty broad category. In short, it encompasses all designs that will transform from their design phase to something tangible. Some examples are business cards, brochures, and posters. It also includes your event signs and banners, office wall logos, and window glass graphics.

Design for Digital

Unlike print design, digital work typically stays digital, though in some cases it may cross platforms into a print publication. The majority of this work will be found as websites and social media ad graphics, and digital marketing pieces that can email and electronic communications.

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